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• 5/8/2018

Are You The One? Season 7 Spoilers

This discussion board contains spoilers for the upcoming 7th season of Are You The One? Full credit goes to PinkRose and the various users at Vevmo.
Location: Kona, Hawaii
Host: Terrence J
Prize: Possible $1 Million (Winnings: TBA)
Started Filming: April 26, 2018
Last Day of Filming: May 27th, 2018
Season Premier: August 15, 2018
----------------------Cast Spoilers----------------------
• Andrew Couture -------- IG: andrewcouture
• Brett Ferri ----------------- IG: brettferri
• Cam Viney ---------------- IG: cam_viney
• Daniel Vik ----------------- IG: danielvilk
• Khwasi --------------------- IG: urge2pose
• Lewis Belt ----------------- IG: lewdo2much
• Moe El-Khalil ------------- IG: moelkhalill
• Shamoy Persad --------- IG: shamoyy // Twtr: shamoypersad
• Tev G ---------------------- IG: tevg27
• Tomas Buenos ---------- IG: tombuenos
• Zac Jones ---------------- IG: zakmarkjones
• Asia Woodley ------------ IG: kaylonilovee
• Bria Hamilton------------- IG: briakristaaal
• Cali Rae ------------------- IG: caliraeofficial
• Jasmine Rodriguez ----- IG: jasmineerodriguez
• Kayla Umagat ------------ IG: kaycamumagat
• Kenya Scott --------------- IG: _kenyascott
• Lauren Roush ------------ IG: lroush95
• Maria Elizondo ----------- IG: _mariaaa14 // Twtr: mariae296
• Morgan Fletcher --------- IG: moefletch
• Nutsa Sikharulidze ------ IG: nutsioo
• Samantha McKinnon --- IG: rambamsam18
----------------------Perfect Matches------------------
• Lauren & Kwasi

-------------- Season Spoilers/Rumors--------------
• Maria is rumored to have left early (possible DQ/fight)
• Kwasi said on IG Live that he gets sent home because of a fight. He also said they weren't able to win the money because he was sent home. He later denied everything he said and claimed it was all a lie.
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• 8/17/2018
Theory: The Fate Button is here to stay.

Since there’s rumors about a sexually fluid season, the fate button format could stay as the matches may be a mix of guy/guy girl/girl and guy/girl mix
• 8/17/2018
The fate button adds a new twist and I'm here for it!!! I hope AYTO8 is mixed with straight/lgbt, it would make the game much more interesting.
• 8/20/2018
Someone mentioned that apparently Kwasi and Lauren and PMs, idk how true it is tho. PR seems to have not followed or received spoilers this season, so idk how legit anything is rn.
• 8/20/2018
Kwasi spoiled it on live
• 8/20/2018
I missed it, what all was spoiled?
• 8/20/2018
about him and lauren, he also said that he got kicked off for fighting
• 8/20/2018
ok awesome, thanks Jul!
Do you know any more 100% spoilers? did they win the $$$ or know of any more confirmed perfect matches?
• 8/20/2018
thats it as of now
• 10/10/2018

We already know Maria and Shamoy are a match

• 10/31/2018

we also know that tev and kenya are a match, episode 13 Brett and Nutsa are going into the truthbooth so we will know november 7 if they're a mAtch.

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